Volunteer Services

Volunteer Services

1. What does the team do/what are they responsible for?

The Volunteer service Office provides an excellent recruitment and training service to members of the public who are interested in volunteering. The team supports volunteers within the Manchester and Trafford CMFT sites.  Volunteers carry out many different roles to help our patients. Examples of this includes:

Way finding: helping patients to find their way through our hospitals and escorting them to their destinations if appropriate.  This service reduces late arrivals, stressful conditions for patients and contributes to the smooth running of consultant clinics.;

Ward Volunteering: Providing the little extras for patients in order to enhance their stay in hospital, carrying out activities such as hand massage, assisting at mealtimes and providing entertainment to enhance the hospital stay.

The team actively seek volunteer roles, that volunteers can undertake, and therefore enhance the patient experience. The team performs an enhanced risk assessment for each new volunteer role. The Volunteer Service looks after the welfare of volunteers and places them in roles to match their skills.  We are open to accommodating any ad hoc requests for help from staff as appropriate. We are always there, on the spot, to be an advisory service to the trust.  This takes up a considerable amount of time and yields a large amount of benefits.

The benefits of this to the trust includes a wide diversity of individuals becoming apart of the trust as members. We provide volunteers with the opportunity to gain communication and practical skills. We welcome staff to come and talk to us about the possibility of a volunteer joining their team.  If appropriate, the lead member of staff will present the role to our volunteers to engage and encourage them to apply for the role. We want volunteers to feel part of the trust wherever they volunteer.

2. Who’s in the team?

Jane Tilley
Volunteer Services Manager
Charlotte Poulter
Paula Claridge
Carol Doherty
Administrative Assistant
Carol Gregson
Administrative Assistant

3. What projects are you currently working on?

New roles for volunteers, various projects involving volunteer support for patients include:

• Recruitment of volunteers via Trafford Hospital site

• Preparation for recruitment of volunteers at Manchester Hospitals site

• Coordination of new volunteer roles, for example, the Emergency Gynae Unit, St Mary’s Hospital

• Reenergising of MRI Renal Dialysis volunteer role

• Advising staff and providing volunteers for consultant research projects within the Dept of Anaesthesia

• Patient Experience Project - Eye Hospital Audit of the FFA Service Information Session

• Organised and facilitated the commencement of the various new Patient Experience Volunteer Roles

• Providing training on volunteer Holistic Hand Massage

• Spreading the word to the Asian community about organ donation

• Arranging volunteers for special events such as the Annual Members Meeting, Annual CMFT Nurses Conference, Ladies Pamper Day for patients on the Emergency Surgical Trauma Unit, Macmillan Coffee Moirning, Adult Memorial and Children’s Candle Services, Medical Education Junior Doctor Induction, Theatre Recruitment Open Day, Charity Office marathon preparation and many more...

4. How do I contact the team?

Email: volunteer.servicews@cmft.nhs.uk or
Telephone: 0161 276 5190 (Manchester) or 0161 746 2554 (Trafford)

All staff members work part time, covering the service Monday – Friday. At any one time, there will be one or more members available in the office.