Patient Experience & Quality Team

Patient Experience Team

1. What does the team do/what are they responsible for?

Patient and staff experience activity is embedded in all core business of the Patient Experience and Quality Team. This involves providing robust methodologies for working with and supporting teams across the trust and involves engaging with patients and staff across the divisions and helping to make their views and experiences heard. The methods used vary from patient surveys, to face to face consultations with patients and staff and collaborative working with teams and patients to obtain their views on the services provided and received. Practical staff and patient engagement sessions are also delivered by the team using experience based design methodologies which ensure that is an exciting new way of bringing patients and staff together to share the role of improving care and re-designing services. It is being developed by the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement as a way of helping frontline NHS teams make the improvements their patients really want. Representatives of the team also attend numerous meetings such as Clinical Effectiveness, Quality meetings, Task and Finish Groups, etc.

2. Who’s in the team?

Barry Williams
Patient Experience Manager
Michael Shelmerdine
Patient Experience &
Quality Lead
Tara Davies
Patient Experience &
Quality Lead
Pamela Azicate
Patient Experience &
Quality Officer
Eve Koutidou
Patient Experience &
Quality Officer

3. What projects are you currently working on?

The team are currently working on numerous patient and staff experience divisional projects which also includes corporate and community services and Trafford Hospitals.

All project activity is registered on our database and updated on a continuous basis. Monthly reports are produced for each of the Divisional Quality Forums using some of this data to inform divisions of current activity and service improvements which have been implemented.

When an engagement project commences the team implement a project plan following submission of the project registration form and requirements relating to the plan are discussed and implemented at regular team meetings. Following completion of the engagement activities a report is completed by the team containing outcomes and included within this is often a comparative analysis.

We also submit detailed information for Schedule 6 Report which informs Commissioners of the staff, patient and public involvement and service improvements which takes place across the organisation. The team also provides an annual report which contains an overview of all activity within the trust.
We are also involved with patient forums, focus groups and the Youth Forum on a regular basis.
The team have also been involved in the Governors Open Day, Young People’s Day and the Nursing and Midwifery Conferences.

The team also support and advise teams in relation to submissions for the prestigious Patient Experience Network National Awards.

4. How do I contact the team?

The team can also be contacted on a generic email address:
The team contact be contacted on: 0161 70 11710 or 0161 70 10149.