Interpretation & Translation Service

1. What does the team do/what are they responsible for?

The interpretation and translation service provides the Trust with interpreters and other translation services.  It exists for patients and their carers who speak little or no English, who are deaf, deaf/blind and require communication support to enable them to have an equal access to all CMFT Services as an English speaking patient.

We work with our own team of interpreters as well as outside service providers to provide face to face interpreters.  We also arrange telephone interpreting and translation.

2. Who’s in the team?

Taban Askari Virginia Au Norin Samuel
Ken Richard
Service Manager
Helen Winstanley
Administration Supervisor
Paul Mayall
Administration Officer
Hamid Booini
Administration Officer

Permanent Interpreters

Taban Askari Virginia Au Norin Samuel
Taban Askari
Arabic & Kurdish(Sorani not Badini)
Virginia Au
Cantonese & Mandarin
Norin Samuel
Urdu, Punjabi & Mirpuri
Swee Poon Mahtab Afsa Farkhanda Shah
Swee Poon
Mandarin & Cantonese
Mahtab Afsa
Farsi & Dari
Farkhanda Shah
Urdu, Punjabi
Halima Hussein Akhter Jasimuddin
Halima Hussein
Akhter Jasimuddin
Bengali (Sylheti & Non Sylheti)
Amina Hossain
Josephia Lau
Mandarin / Cantonese
Izabela Brzoska

Bank Interpreters
Amatul Amin, Bengali
Neelam Sethi, Urdu/Punjabi
Virginia Au, Cantonese/Mandarin
Suong Nguyen, Vietnamese


3. What projects are you currently working on?

• We are working to make the Trust website more accessible to deaf and deaf/blind users.
• Patient Stories – to record the experiences of non-English speaking patients
• Staff Language Register – to enable bilingual to staff to carry out basic interpretation within their own clinical areas following Trust Interpretation Policy
• Links with University Of Manchester supporting their Multi-Lingual Manchester exhibition in different hospital sites.

4. How do I contact the team?

Telephone: 0161 276 6202