Healing Environments

Healing Environments

1. What does the team do/what are they responsible for?

The Healing Environments Project is part of the Patient Experience Team.  Working across all six hospitals that make up CMFT, The Healing Environments Project aims to bring creativity to various patient environments.  With a strong emphasis on enhancing the personal wellbeing of patients, carers and staff, the Healing Environments Project brings art activities, musicians, Beauticians, Pets as Therapy and a whole range of activities and events across the Trust. 

By working in close partnership with charities such as Lime Arts, Kissing it Better and local organisations such as Whitworth Art Gallery and Manchester Museum, it is our goal to ensure the project reaches as many patients, staff and carers across the Trust as possible.

2. What projects are you currently working on?

The Healing Environments Programme is currently a variety of Beautician visits, musical performance, artist workshops and visiting community groups.  Projects such as the Stroke Unit Art Group, held twice a week in Trafford, are entering their second phase.  The first set of sessions before Christmas were inspired by an exhibition on Coral at Manchester Museum, and the artwork produced as a result of the patient sessions is currently on display in the Museum.  This new set of sessions will bring live animals, taxidermy jaguars and other museum artefacts in to the Unit to inspire a whole new artistic creation.