Senior Nursing Team

Cheryl Lenney Sue Ward Dawn Pike
Cheryl Lenney
Chief Nurse
Sue Ward
Director of Nursing
Dawn Pike
Director of Nursing
Marie Forshaw Sue Langley Deborah Armstrong
Marie Forshaw Deputy Director of Nursing (Community/Safeguarding/ Learning Disabilities) Sue Langley
Deputy Director of Nursing (Professional Practice)
Deborah Armstrong
Deputy Director of Nursing (Quality)
Deputy Director of Nursing (Education & Workforce)
Sarah Webb
Lead Nurse

Heads of Nursing

Jane Grimshaw Kathryn Murphy Sara Renwick
Jane Grimshaw
Head of Nursing
Trafford Hospitals Division
Kathryn Murphy
Head of Nursing & Midwifery
Saint Mary’s Hospital
Sara Renwick
Head of Nursing
Manchester Royal Eye Hospital /University Dental Hospital
of Manchester
John Logan Anne Woodward Margaret Israel
John Logan
Head of Nursing
Clinical & Scientific Services
Anne Woodward
Head of Nursing
Division of Surgery
Margaret Israel
Head of Nursing
Division of Surgery
Michelle Milner Janette Dunkerley Cheryl Casey
Michelle Milner
Head of Nursing
Royal Manchester
Children’s Hospital
Janette Dunkerley
Lead Nurse
Research & Innovation
Cheryl Casey
Head of Nursing
Acute Medicine and
Community Services
Jo Rothwell 
Head of Nursing Division of Specialist Medicine