The Professional Development & Education Team

The Professional Development & Education Team is led by the Head of Professional Development; it consists of Practice Education Facilitators, ODP Clinical Skills Facilitator, Preceptorship Lead and Professional Development and Education Lead.

The Team provides support across all registered health care professions. This support aims to ensure staff are supported from pre-registration and onwards throughout their career within Central Manchester University Hospital NHS Trust.

The team has Corporate Lead responsibility for the following:-

• Preceptorship
• Clinical Skills Education Programmes
• Multi-Professional Education and Training allocation for Continuing Professional Development
• In house Multi-Professional Supporting Learning and Assessment in Practice programmes of Education
• Return to Practice
• Non-Medical Prescribing
• Secondment Process for staff undertaking Pre and post registration programmes of Education via HENW

The team is also responsible for the provision of high quality learning environments for all pre-registration non-medical students within Central Manchester University Hospital NHS Trust. Ensuring that placement learning supports the principles and values of the NHS in England as set out in the NHS Constitution (DH March 2012). Whilst conforming to the Learning Development Agreement (2013) with regard Quality Assurance, Placement Capacity and Inter-Professional Learning.

2. Who’s in the team?

Name Designation Email Contact Number
Andrea Boland Head of Professional Development 0161 276 4384
Julie Chapman Professional Development & Education Lead 0161 701 0559
Barbara Dixon PEF – Trafford / Midwifery 0161 276 4336
Sharon Green PEF - Adult Nursing / Healthcare Science/ AHPs 0161 276 4372
Clare Clarke PEF - Medicine 0161 701 1704
Mary Griffin ODP Education Facilitator 0161 701 2507
Karen Sutcliffe PEF – Community 0161 276 4745
Patricia Ormrod PEF - Midwifery/ Adult Nursing 0161 701 7819
Karen Phelan PEF - Adult Nursing 0161 701 2507
Caroline Williams PEF - Trafford 0161 901 1858
Kirsty Walsh PEF - Children’s Nursing 0161 901 1854
Katie Roberts Administration 0161 276 4870
Kate Wilson PA to Head of Professional Development 0161 701 0385

3. What projects are you currently working on

The team are currently working on numerous projects including:-

• Development of an E learning module for Venepuncture & Cannulation Training
• Development of an E learning update programme for IV Therapy Training
• Development of an E learning Preceptorship programme for newly qualified Health Visitors
• Development of an Educational Policy for Allied Health Professionals and Health Care Scientists
• Social media development including the use of Facebook & QR code for website
• Continuous monitoring of and enhancement of quality learning environments e.g. mentor evaluation
• Development of an on-line Interprofessional learning resource for students and staff