Renal ANP

1. What does the team do/what are they responsible for?

The team of ANP's for renal medicine and surgery work across the service in different areas each responsible for different parts of the service. The service as a whole is responsible for nephrology in and outpatients, dialysis (haemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis), pre dialysis services and transplantation (regional services). The ANPs as below work in different parts of the service and are part of the wider team delivering nurse led services, have developed new ways of working and improved patient pathways and access to care. Our aim is to provide safe and effective, patient centred care, promoting continuity in care across service and organisational boundaries. The team have a strong research interest and are always keen to collaborate and lead on renal research activities..

2. Who’s in the team?

Dr Helen Hurst
Sheila Russell
Dr Rachel Lewis
Joanne Prince
Lyndsey Howard
Dr Rachel Lewis
Trainee Advanced Nurse Practitioner

3. What is each ANP responsible for?

Helen Hurst works as an ANP across the peritoneal dialysis service and renal drop-in unit. The drop in unit is accessible to patients from across the whole service offering a wide range of follow up and treatments. This includes day case activity, follow up for discharges, drop-in for home dialysis patients and regular reviews to prevent admissions. She does clinics for peritoneal and pre dialysis patients. It is predominantly a nurse led service.

Sheila Russell works as an ANP in Renal & Pancreas Transplant OPD. She runs four nurse led transplant nephrology clinics (RTAR) a week and one transplant skin cancer surveillance clinic per week (TXPDERM). The aim of her role is to optimise the general health of the transplant patient with specific attention to the long term outcome of the transplanted organs and prevention/early detection of post transplantation complications such as cardiovascular risk and malignancies.

Rachel Lewis works in out-patient dialysis at Manchester Royal Infirmary, a busy unit which provides care for patients with differing levels of need. The dialysis team works closely with the pre-dialysis team and inpatient services to smooth transitions and promote continuity in care.

Joanne Prince works in Outpatient Dialysis based over at CMFT's Satellite dialysis unit at Tameside General Hospital, caring for a cohort of 72 individuals on dialysis. The role also involves providing a Renal Outreach Service to inpatients at Tameside Hospital. I also see patients in our General Nephrology Clinic at Tameside.

Lindsay Howard works as an ANP at the Altrincham Haemodialysis Satellite and Home Training Unit. The role of the ANP is to maximise dialysis efficiency and offer medical assessment support to the patients on dialysis and act as a resource and support to the unit staff providing continuity of care. She also carries out general Nephrology clinics at District General Hospitals seeing both follow-up patients and new referrals.

4. How do I contact the team?

Please contact the Sheila Russell on 0161 276 8955