Gastroentertis ANP

1. What does the team do/what are they responsible for?

Within the speciality of gastroenterology and hepatology there is one qualified ANP and one trainee ANP. The qualified ANP currently works across both specialities of gastroenterology and hepatology acting as the clinical lead and the link between the established eleven consultants. This ANP coordinates speciality care services from a ward level as well as providing key inpatient / outpatient services. The aim is to provide autonomous nurse led services aimed at the provision of quality care provided to our patients. The qualified ANP has a speciality interest is Hepatology.

2. Who’s in the team?

Anthony Moffat

3. What is each ANP responsible for?

Anthony Moffat is the ward based clinical ANP lead for the gastroenterology service. He is the link between the consultants and patients offering a wide range of clinical services to this patient group, examples are, autonomous inpatient and outpatient medical reviews of all gastroenterology, hepatology and general medical aetiologies, a PICC line service (Peripherally inserted central catheter) , planned Ascitic Drain service, general liver and ascites clinic and finally a new service of ‘best supportive care’ for individuals with chronic / Endstage liver cirrhosis.

In conjunction with his lead consultants Dr Shaun Greer, Dr Narendra Kochar and Dr Martin Prince he is the nursing link for liver transplant and liver related radiological intervention and Finally, he is also responsible for supporting the wider nursing team within their professional development.

4. How do I contact the team?

Please contact the Anthony on 01612764778