Ward Accreditations

The Ward Accreditation process was established at CMFT in 2011 and involves all inpatient wards and day case areas being assessed annually. The ward accreditation aims to achieve a level of assurance for our Board of Directors that wards are consistently delivering high quality care across four categories.

• Culture of continuous improvement, including leadership, team culture & use of evidence based practice
• Environment of care including infection control and safety standards
• Communication about/with patients, including team communication, documentation & patient feedback
• Nursing processes specifically focused on medications and meals

In previous years, wards have been given up to seven days’ notice of a visit however in 2013/4 accreditations were unannounced. Consequently the results appear lower this year but are considered more representative of our patient’s experience.

Wards are accredited as achieving Bronze, Silver or Gold based on the following definitions:

Achieving minimum standards, or below with active improvement work underway

Achieving minimum standards or above with evidence in improvement data

Achieving highest standards with evidence in the data

If a ward is not considered to be achieving the Trust minimum standards in at least one category, and has no evidence of actions being taken to address this, the ward is identified as white. This indicates the need for a package of support to be provided ensuring actions are completed in a sustainable way. White wards are then reassessed after six months giving a level of assurance to the Trust Board.

Wards that achieve gold continue to be celebrated through the ‘We Are Proud of You’ award scheme.